News and a slight explanation to absence

First off: the reason I have been inactive is because I have been busy, I have a life away from the keyboard too, you know.

Now for some news:


  • Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2 has recently been released and I intend to do a (text and picture only) review and give my thoughts on it. I know, I said I would get Videos of this, but my LaptopĀ  being the only PC I have that has enough RAM to do more than at the most Firefox and the XFCE Music Browser while running XFCE, won’t encode the screencasts right, and I’m looking for a better software to do the actual screencasts, and I’m looking for another video hosting site, as Youtube seems to be nothing but trolls.
  • I am looking into getting permission to put a copy of the Ubuntu Developer News (which I help with) and if I get permission, I may get one more thing that I can use to keep me going on this blog.
  • Ubuntu Global Jams are in the works of being planned out around the world. click here for the original announcement, click here for info about Global Jams from the Ubuntu Wiki, and click here to see if there is one near you (of course, if you are part of a LoCo Team, you might already know most of this)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 is open for testing: the next release of Ubuntu (codenamed Precise Pangolin) is the next LTS (Long Term Support) release, and as such, those who want to contribute to Ubuntu and are not afraid to use alpha quality releases are encouraged to download the current daily build, and install it on your PC, but bear in mind that there are many bugs that still need fixing, and tat is why there is a need for testers.

I will be getting my Notebook PC back from having it repaired this coming week, and I will install Ubuntu 12.04 on it and write a review up soon after. I may do a video around that time and might end up using Youtube despite the trolls if I can find a good screencasting program.

–Cody Smith