A bit on me living with Aspergers and a couple other things

First off, I don’t condone shooting a school full of children, hell, I don’t condone hitting people.

But what the news anchors have been suggesting is just cruel and wrong. I myself have Aspergers Syndrome (Soon to be part of the ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder), and many people are suggesting people with Aspergers are killers, and that they will kill one day. To that, I would quite literally reply “Are you fucking kidding me, seriously, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?”.

Here’s some facts for all you who think people with Aspergers are all killers:

  1. People with Aspergers are actually more likely to be shot than shoot another person
  2. Neurotypical (so-called “Normal”) people ALSO have the ability to be a killer.
  3. a lot of people with Apergers feel remorse after hurting somebody

My personal experience is that when I was younger, I’d go into a rage, and I’d lash out at anyone and everyone, but shortly thereafter, I’d feel immediate a profound regret and remorse to the point all I could do is cry. and that happened nearly every day, did I kill anyone? no. Do I have the guts to? Hell no, most neurotypical people wouldn’t even have the guts to.

Every time I would go into a rage, it’s not a planned-out anger in any sense of the term, no, all thought would be replaced with a angry emptiness in my mind. there would quite literally be minimum to no thought that I would know of, hell, a lot of the stuff I’d do I wouldn’t even have much recollection of. but I WOULD know if I hurt someone,¬†inadvertently¬†or not.

How the news anchors and a mojority of the population is suggesting that those with Aspergers and ASD should be put on a registry is wrong, and will hurt more people than it helps, a majority of the earth’s population has, will have, or has had at one point in time a mental disorder or were mentally unhealthy. and what they are suggesting is just the same as saying all Neurotypical people are killers and should be put on a registry, it is this kind of stereotyping that hurts everyone.

Most Autistic people and Aspies tend to be good people, and we stick to ourselves because ¬†socialization isn’t easy for anyone with Autism or Aspergers, hell, there are even non-verbal people with Autism.

All I can say at this point is that the suggestion news anchors and people are throwing out there are fucking ludicrous, and if they’d spend a bit more time reading up on what the disorders actually involve and how they affect people, they would most certainly have NOT made any of these suggestions.

Again, I don’t condone any type of violence unless it’s in self-defense, and what the shooter did in Connecticut was not just wrong, but evil and cruel, but these suggestions that the news anchors and a mojority of the world hit closer to home than anything ever has for me.

–Cody Smith